Travis S Gray



1 Cor 6:19b You are not your own

New Year, New Life, New Hope

Travis is a gifted singer/songwriter and guitarist. He will share with you his life with stories and songs that will have you laughing one moment and crying the next. He shares his faith and trust in the Lord with complete transparency as he details his life’s steps and missteps. Discover how God has brought him back into the workplace a changed man with a new outlook and purpose in life.


Travis has a masterful way of making you realize what is important in life. An evening listening to travis'story will not only entertain you and keep you completely riveted, it may just change your life.

Travis Gray is a living testimony of God's Grace and Power. I have known Travis for 2 years. What I appreciate about Travis is that his testimony is not a story of his past only - it continues day by day. Travis continues to seek God on a daily basis and God continues to use him in mighty ways. Like all of us Travis is not a finished work and he embraces God's refining in his life. That is not always the case in people today. James tells us to humble ourselves before God and He will exalt you. That is Travis story today - he puts himself before God in humble submission and God uses him to change lives. We can all be inspired by his example.

Matt Peacock
The Church at Bee Cave

"Travis gave a very memorable and inspiring concert at the Travis State Jail. In music and song, he told the story of his amazing life which evoked a very moving response from the inmates. Approximately 50 men were infused with hope and responded to the invitation at the end of the concert. At the conclusion of the performance, I, personally, felt that I had traveled along with Travis in his spiritual journey. I was also deeply moved by his authenticity and the obvious love that he has for Jesus Christ. I just had the sense that Travis knew that he was singing for the glory of God. Without a doubt, Travis Gray is filled with the Spirit of God and is making an eternal difference!"

Robert Dorrough - God of Hope Ministry

I first met Travis over lunch at the Iron Cactus. His story hit awfully close to home with me and I realized how so many of us could have had his same experience. The amazing thing was how this experience changed his life and the beautiful way God transformed him and is using Travis today. Since then I've heard Travis tell his story multiple times in song and more formal settings and it is always impactful and revealing. The wonder of God's love and power shine through. Now I feel blessed to be able to work with Travis through God of Hope Ministries at the prison and to help him bring hope to those most desperately in need of His word. You can't listen to Travis' testimony without being impacted. He's also a darn good singer and musician. -Ellery Buchanan


Travis and his wife Gay live in Austin, Texas. They own a successful landscape design and installation company. In addition, Travis is the founder of the XRTZO equipping ministry and Director of Training with The God of Hope prison ministry. Travis and Gay have two children together, Travis also has three other children from a previous marriage.